Mikey Tanha is coming out of the shadows as a pro in the hospitality industry:

Mikey Tanha is an immigrant from Iran who always aimed to be the best version of himself. He was way too focused to earn money but love the work earnestly. He is currently the CEO of a lifestyle company called Noble 33 that manages and oversees some of the best high energy fine- dining restaurants. He entered the hospitability world in 2013 as CFO and partner of the Modera Group and Tocaya Organica and in 2019 was promoted as the President of both the companies. He was also successful in leading an experienced senior executive team and oversaw a total of over 1200 employees.

Noble 33 is a hospitality and lifestyle company with social dining restaurants stateside and abroad, Toca Madera and Casa Madera are the new flourishing brands of the same which has also taken place in developing brand new concepts that will further expand the boundaries of high-energy fine-dining.  Future targets for new locations include West Hollywood, Toronto, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, New York, and Dubai.

Mikey had a rough childhood so maybe that was the reason to believe money-making was more important but also believed in loving the work because it’s the only place of joy wherein money can also be earned. Being the President of 2 companies (The Madera Group and Tocaya) he faced a lot of challenges trying to find a career that he loved but was determined to be someone with a sheer hardworking attitude and deep knowledge of the work.

His most preponderant mantra of life is – “dining with friends”. He believes that enjoying little moments together and cherishing them in every phase of life is a very important aspect of being distracted from the daily monotonous grind of life. So, he was successful in collaborating with his business partner Tosh Berman in establishing the best place wherein people can create the best memories of their lives.

The impeccable CEO has always been a hard-working and focused being. He believes the reward of working hard is irreplaceable and the joy it brings is something that is unexplainable. He links most of his aims to be able to travel see new places, met up with friends from around the world and enjoy “moments” together celebrating Life.

There is a lot more to know about Mikey Tanha and he is sure to go on to do many more great things before he finally retires. Stay tuned with Mikey Tanha and his achievements by following him on his social media profiles linked below:

Instagram: @mikeythegoat

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeltanha

Website: http://www.Noble33.com

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