The Story of Andrew Arteaga and how he made it through:

Andrew Arteaga is one of the biggest celebrity tattoo artists of today, who has definitely created a style of his own while also maintaining fluidity and variation. He was born and raised in Santa Ana, California, and has always had an interest in painting since he was a child. For as long as he can remember, creativity has flowed from his thoughts, and he appreciates all sorts of art, from music to drawn works. 

Andrew grew interested in tattoos after acquiring his first one during his two-year prison sentence, which was a result of unfortunate external situations that he found himself entangled in. Andrew began studying everything related to the technique immediately after. During the balance of his time, he became a practising tattoo artist; nevertheless, after his release, he did not pursue a profession as a tattoo artist. Instead, he chose to return to school and earn a degree. Andrew’s stepfather discovered Andrew’s serious enthusiasm for art after some time back in the real world and provided him with a tattoo kit. Andrew’s passion for tattooing was revived by this gesture, and he began practising on a supportive friend he met at school. 

Arteaga worked as a tattoo artist for the next eight years, and it was in his eighth year that he finally received his big break. At the time, Arteaga was working as an apprentice at Romeo Lacoste’s Los Angeles tattoo business. Arteaga met and worked on a well-known rapper while working at Lacoste’s shop, with whom he eventually became friends. This had a “snowball effect,” according to Arteaga, and introduced him to a world of celebrity clients. Arteaga immediately gained celebrity clients as a result of his new connection and remarkable work, including Trippie Red, Smoke Purp, and Jake Paul, to mention a few. He has collaborated with numerous athletes, artists, actors, since then.

Arteaga is now a successful entrepreneur whose talents and a vast number of celebrity clients have earned him international acclaim. He intends to continue expanding his business and believes he still has a long journey ahead of him.

Regardless of your current situation, Arteaga thinks that you can achieve everything you set your mind to if you take the first step and commit to it. Andrew Arteaga is truly an inspirational person who has made the best of the situation and instead turned his failures to stepping stones to success. Make sure to check out his incredible works by clicking the links below



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