Pets are always considered as the other name of happiness. Having dogs and cats are like having a companion that also reduces stress and brings joy to the environment. Many of them have a very bad concept of pet care as they are provided with unsatisfactory service. But here we are to introduce you to the pet care company that is changing the bad reputation of pet care. The Vets are Revolutionizing the Pet Care industry by Building the US Largest Veterinary Home Pet Care Company. They are a rapidly growing, tech-forward company. Keeping up with the upgrading generation, they are also upgrading like them to make things much easier, more precisely they are driven by data and apps to automate and facilitate their customers with a full pet management platform.

Pet care has been rising in popularity in the past 10 years. But the pandemic has had a negative impact on the industry. People are fear struck and are maintaining social distancing and are also not going out of their houses. COVID-19 has affected the industry in 2 main ways like rising in pet adoption due to loneliness and thus, rising demand for pet care and other socially related factors and the need for home service due to social distancing guidelines. Throughout the consecutive years, home pet care is made stress-free for both pet and owner, with the contribution of The Vets. They have even made it more convenient for the owner. It saves time spent in waiting rooms and standing in traffic.

They have undergone a long way in achieving their goals and aspiration. They have expanded to 5 major US cities (Miami, Tampa, Dallas, Vegas, Portland) and will be available in 8-9 cities by the end of the year that includes Houston, Austin, Chicago, San Diego and they have also raised $7M in Seed Round. The biggest challenge they have faced is recruiting vets. They overcame it by creating complex multi-channel campaigns and A/B test the right incentives that trigger the vets to come aboard.

As a hardworking team who are working on a humble cause, they aspire to become a $1B valued company and Build the US largest veterinary pet care company. They also have a goal to reach a large audience on social platforms as well as also make a verified account on both Instagram and on Facebook. 

To know more about the Vets, check out their website and social media handle (Link down below)




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