From the Aghoris of India to Ayahuasca of Peru- Dakota Wint has seen it all:

Nomadic traveller, content creator and spiritualist, Dakota Wint’s journey started in 2017 when he went to India, initially to learn about the different yoga sects in the country. During his trip, he came across the renowned human-eating cannibals from the holy city of Varanasi. This is the Aghori tribe, and although many know about their post-mortem rituals, not everybody understands why they hold these ceremonies in the first place.

In Dakota’s podcast, “A place for humans” and the short documentary “Aghori: holy men of the dead”, he shares an interview with an Aghori. It was revealed that they could obtain earthly powers and attain spiritual enlightenment by using dead bodies for their rituals. They also apply the dead’s ashes all over their bodies and even make jewellery with their bones. After his mission in India was over, he moved on to the middle east.

Dakota’s quest for this excursion was to visit the places mentioned in the holy scriptures of Abrahamic religions and the bible. He started in turkey and went to Egypt, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. However, Dakota regrettably got caught up in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

So, the young explorer moved away from the middle east and went to Peru, where he lived for six months amongst the Shipibo. They are an Amazonian tribe who live in remote jungles in Iquitos and Pucallpa. They have a unique ritual that involves the use of the medicine known to many as ayahuasca, a Quecha word which means “the vine of souls” or “the vine of death”, but known to the Shipibo as Oni. “Most people experience what they can only describe as a hidden dimension of alien-or-spirit-like intelligences and visions of the astral world. Many people, despite different cultural backgrounds, report meeting the same entities or having telepathic experiences. Which I can confirm, after nearly 35 ceremonies with a Shipibo family of healers – there is a hidden world lingering in the depths of our minds and this combination of plants”, adds Dakota. 

In some parts of the world, like the UK and the USA, ayahuasca is illegal because it contains DMT. However, for the Shipibo, the plant allows them to connect with the astral world, which is why it plays a significant role in their rituals. Many people from different cultures have tried participating in the tribe’s ceremonies, and most of them report going through similar telepathic experiences.

There are many more incredible awakening experiences Dakota has gained from his travels, both as a spiritualist’s as well as a globe-trotter’s point of view. He’s also delighted to be able to share the experiences of these native groups with the broader audience. In case you wish to know more about these stories, follow Dakota Wint on:






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