Following the passion for art- Alexandra Squire

Art has a different meaning to everyone. To some it is just a hobby, to some, it is a way to let out their feelings and to some, it is to earn a living. Many people seem to have the conception that being an artist is easy, well nothing is tough if it is something we love to do. Not only this, some even have this idea that an artist seems to be painted and draw all the time and that’s a myth. Not heard by many people but sometimes even artist’s faces art block, that is even if we want to paint, we can’t. But that is also a part of art.

Alexandra Squire, an abstract contemporary painter and artist, who is also the owner of Alexandra Squire Fine Arts wants to tell the world common stories of life through her paintings. Being a mother to young children and leaving behind a strong career in the field of media, just to fulfil her dream wasn’t an easy decision for Alexandra. But she believes that apart from that she is also a ‘normal person’ who has just followed her instinct and had to give a chance to what gives her peace and happiness.

She says with a world full of busy people, her work is all about simplicity. Her works are envisioned, keeping in mind the viewers where they can feel and connect with the art. Her artworks are all about simple shapes, with a solid colour that is bold yet basic. Alexandra explains saying, “What my art means to me is likely very different from what it means to you, yet we can both see something compelling in it.”  It is as if her creation is an extension of her soul, open for interpretation to everyone who views it.

Alexandra further adds saying “Creating art isn’t easy. There are days I want to throw paintings out the windows and there have definitely been times it would be easier to walk away, but I knew that wasn’t my path. Every day I give thanks that I am able to make a living doing what I love. I believe that when you are grateful for what you have, you make space for even more in your life.”

Alexandra still has a lot more talent to express and many parts of her individuality she wishes to explore through art. If you want to know more about Alexandra Squire and her fine artwork you can check out her social media handle (link down below)




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