Suzanne Soliman: the future of the pharmaceutical world

In recent times the whole world has been witnessing the empowerment of women and how they are dominating the whole world by their sheer brilliance and diligence in every field. Women have been showing that they are no less than anyone in this whole world, they have discarded those beliefs of gender inequalities from the minds of everyone. Today, we present you Suzanne Soliman who has shown utter excellence and inventiveness in the pharmaceutical world. Suzanne Soliman is the Chief Academic Officer for the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA) and a pharmacist leader in a C- suite position. Suzanne Soliman was born and nurtured in the suburbs of Chicago; at present, she is living in Bergen County NJ as she is serving on the local board of health for her own town in Bergen County NJ.

Dr Suzanne Soliman earned her pharma degree after graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy (UIC-COP). She concluded a residency in primary care which emphasises education at Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy and a teaching fellowship at UIC College of Medicine. She is a board-certified medical affairs specialist (BCMAS). Suzanne worked as a clinical pharmacist, self-reliant pharmacy owner, medical science liaison (MSL) and national field team educator before becoming an Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at UIC-COP. She also has faculty appointments at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Rutgers University and St. John’s University, she also has over 100 publications and does present nationally on pharmacy, parenting and woman issues. 

Suzanne Soliman has also been featured on various renowned news outlets namely, The New York Times, New York Magazine, ABC7NY, Daily Voice, Crain’s Chicago Business, Time out Chicago and many more. She is also the beloved awardee of Rufus A. Lyman which was granted for the best manuscript published in the American Journal of Pharmacy Education in the year 2019, she was also bestowed with the Next Generation Pharmacist Civic Leader Award.

Recently her book is coming out this December 2021 that was picked up by a publisher. Dr Soliman is also travelling across the country this year to speak to national organizations as well as she is looking into a video series related to women as well.

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