Handling passion with profits- Bounce Curl

Merian Odesho is the founder and CEO of Bounce Curl, as well as being the head formulator for all their products. As a curly-haired girl with a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a focus in chemistry, Merian used her skills and tools as a chemist and bought her vision Bounce Curl into life. Her love affair with her hair began at the young age of 10, where she began to embrace her naturally curly hair and all her unique traits which made her one of a kind. Her family encouraged her to take care and nourish her curls using natural, homemade ingredients which would later become the inspiration for many of her Bounce Curl products. Her grandmother has played a major role in guiding her through the haircare routine using natural homemade products.

Bounce Curl is a woman owned business famous for its best Beauty cosmetic and personal care products, famous in more than 100 countries all over the world. It is also famous for the natural ingredients used in their products that are very safe to use and gives good results. Adding more details, Bounce Curl stays current with the latest and best ingredients that follow green chemistry principles if they perform well in our formulas. The process of reformulation is quite difficult and can be expensive which is why many companies do not do this. Bounce Curl has already reformulated several products, switching to better preservatives in 2020. They also changed their synthetic fragrance to a 100% natural fragrance in our top-selling product “Light Hold Gel”.

Over the years Bounce Curl has achieved several mile stones. Bounce Curl is a verified brand with Think Dirty. the brand gained success in more than 100 countries. She has been contacted by most of major store in the United States, it has also appeared on national television programs, and has been displayed on billboards throughout the country.

On asking Merian what was the biggest challenge she has ever faced in her career and how did she overcome it, she said “Every day is a challenge. I am a go-getter and my mind does not stop thinking about the next innovative product, or the next advance I can bring to the curly hair industry. There can be a lot of stress, but I have learned to put a limit on how much I work each day and that has really helped. Now, I try very hard to stop working at 5pm and relax for the rest of the day.”

To know more about Merian Odesho and her brand Bounce Curl, check out their social media handle (link down below)

Website: http://www.BounceCurl.com

Facebook: facebook.com/bouncecurlproducts

Instagram: @bouncecurl (Merian: @herbalmmo)

Twitter: @BounceCurl 

Pinterest: @bouncecurl

Youtube: youtube.com/c/BounceCurl

Think Dirty App: http://www.ThinkDirty.com

PETA: https://crueltyfree.peta.org/company/bounce-curl/

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