Shawn Meaike has big plans for his life insurance company Family First Life:

Shawn Meaike is the founder and president of Family First Life, an IMO dealing in life insurance and annuity marketing. The X factor that makes them stand out is that this company truly cares about its clients. Not every businessman is motivated to do good besides earning profits. Shawn has always wanted to be such an individual, helping out families in general, and people in need in particular. Their motto is:

-“We believe in loyalty and honesty.”

-“We believe in empowering not enabling.”

-“We believe hard work can change lives for the better.”

It was not a very easy journey for the FFL. In 2014, they started off with just 1 carrier (Americo) and faced all the obstacles and challenges. They began with teaching their agents how to submit $10,000 in premium every week. Faith and hard work showed them the path to their success. There were hard times, but they were ready with all the solutions to their problems. This is the reason for their phenomenal growth from year to year as given below:

2014 – $12,142,669.24

2015 – $23,777,817.87

2016 – $25,827,953.80

2017 – $43,241,236.91

2018 – $61,246,287.60

2019 – $98,334,069.61

2020 – $191,131,474.60

2021 – $139,664,677.21 after Week 19 of 2021


Shawn started his journey from scratch without any help. During the rough waters, Shawn claims, they tend to find themselves going back to their core values, the solution-based thinking that the company thrives on. He says he does not believe in problems and they do not exist for him in this world. Finding a solution is the best thing and this has managed to pull Shawn out from many worse situations in life. On being asked about what he wished he knew at the beginning of his career and would like to say to others, he told, “You can achieve anything you want to with a great attitude & mindset. No success and nor rewards come from those who idle by and let life pass them by.” 

He has high hopes for his company in the future. Shawn said that they will have 35 Master Agencies that will write Paid Premiums over $10,000,000.00. Also 125 agents will write over $400,000 in Paid premium with 6 agents to complete $1,000,000. The average insurance premium in the industry is around $12,00 to $1,400 per policy. He envisions that by the 4th quarter of the next year, that is, 2022, Family First Life will turn into a billion-dollar organization. Every family in America will remember one name when they think of getting insurance for their families.

To know more about Family First Life, follow them on their website:

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