How Michael Drager created a name for himself in the Adult Entertainment Industry:

In today’s world, social media plays a significant role in business growth, irrespective of the kind of business you do. This is the case with the modelling business as well. Modelling agencies and firms depend on social media for everything starting from recruitment to promotion. Draco Enterprises is one of the leading Modelling Agencies. It has achieved heights of success within just a year and has managed to recruit the best models in the industry, gain fame, and even earn millions. The Company was started by Michael Drager, a famous Instagram Influencer.

Michael Drager, who is more commonly known as Draco was born and brought up in Chicago. He witnessed the world of Adult Entertainment up close even before launching his modelling firm. He observed the ways success could be achieved and this knowledge influenced his career greatly. He was able to transform multiple talented women into stars in a short period of time.

Draco’s journey started on Instagram. He built his brand there first but it was not a big opening to the public. However, his decision proved to be right as his Instagram page has over 120k followers now. This growing reputation and popularity instilled much courage and confidence in him. This is why he decided to start his own production Company and Draco Enterprises was born. However, social media growth was just a part of his plan and not his ultimate goal. He plans to use his influence on social media and venture into mainstream entertainment media such as TV and films.

Many companies in the modelling industry are now well aware of Draco Enterprises. Most of them are surprised at his growth since they did not expect such a young Entrepreneur who just created a startup to have such an impact in the market. They are not aware of Michael’s skills such as identifying trends and models with potential, managing and marketing models, etcetera. Thus, he is destined for success.

Draco utilizes his social media to build his reputation, which in turn benefits Draco Enterprises. It is completely due to his managing and advertising skills that many models have reached the top in their careers. Currently, he is just making an impact through social media and online platforms but people are sure to see his production Company in the mainstream media in no time.

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