Dr Alexis Parcells- dedicated to doing her best as a plastic surgery:

Plastic Surgery is becoming a norm in today’s society. However, people have not entirely adopted or embraced this concept. According to Dr Alexis Parcells, Plastic surgeries are a life-changing Reformation that could impact the lives of patients for the better. However, the concept is still stigmatized in many parts of the world. However, she firmly believes that the negative stigma is bound to fade and eventually eliminate over time as the rate of acceptance around the world is increasing with each passing day.

Dr Parcells believes that the primary reasons for the negative stigma around plastic surgery are due to people assuming worst-case scenarios, intense and extreme changes or simply a procedure one undertakes for vanity. However, she wishes to eliminate these thoughts by educating them about building self-confidence through cosmetic procedures. It is simply a decision to feel better about yourself and this decision should be respected by all. Her journey is truly inspiring!

However, performing plastic surgery is no piece of cake. Dr Parcells is extremely invested in detail and treating patients as per their own requirements. Even though we all are made of the same basic constituents such as Skin, Fat, Muscle, and bone yet everyone ages in a different manner. There are many differences in the skin type as well. Thus, Dr Parcells made sure to tailor her treatments as per these intricate details in order to achieve the best surgical results.

Alexis has also currently diverted her contribution towards the medical students who are at Rutgers RWJ Barnabas Health. She has been teaching and guiding the students, especially in academic plastic surgery. Apart from this, she has been writing many books and journals on the subject of plastic surgery and breast cancer. She has also been presenting her research work at many international and national summits and conventions which were held in Brussels, Paris, Madrid, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. In the very current year 2021 Dr Alexis Parcells MD has been interview and has been quoted in many digital productions for her outstanding contribution towards cancer and women health empowerment. The MSN, The Healthy and Prime Women had covered her interviews. Dr Alexis is available to educate you and empower you to celebrate your natural beauty with cosmetic medical spa treatments.

To know more about Dr Alexis Parcells, follow her on her social media handles as well as all the organisations she is associated with:

Website (Self): www.alexisparcellsmd.com 

Website (SUNNIE): https://www.sunnieskin.com/

Website (Parcells Plastic Surgery): http://www.parcellsplasticsurgery.com/ 

Breast cancer Organisations: https://www.minettesangels.org/, https://thebreasties.org/ 

Instagram (Self): https://instagram.com/alexisparcellsmd?utm_medium=copy_link 

Instagram (SUNNIE): https://instagram.com/sunnie.skin?utm_medium=copy_link

Instagram (Parcells Plastic Surgery): https://instagram.com/parcellsplasticsurgery?utm_medium=copy_link 

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