Rhett Lindsey Empowers POC and LGBTQ+ Communities through Siimee:

When we see people revolting against biasness, it is overwhelming to see them come together for the betterment of the society, because all of us have been on the receiving end of the discrimination one way or the other and the worst part is, we don’t even know who to blame for it. The believes are incorporated into our living one way or the other, knowingly or unknowingly, we may even have imparted it on someone without being thoughtful about things or without even contemplating the effect we are leaving on the other by just being ignorant, so it won’t be eradicated overnight and will take a lot of us to take step towards its eradication. Rhett serves as an inspiration from all of us, he stepped outside his comfort cushion for the people who felt the same way he did, he made people responsible for the acts that are being practiced.

In the so-called progressing world, Rhett Lindsey, A graduate of the University of Kentucky, holding a bachelor’s degree in social work spent over seven years in leading and collaborating with teams at prominent companies including Facebook, Tinder, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney Company, sourcing and hiring talent in the technology and software development sectors.

Rhett quit his highly compensated six figure job at Facebook in order to work on creating new ways to fill the gap between black talents and multi-national companies. The situated is worsened as many people just dream of walking past the door of a big company let one be hired. He has definitely fulfilled his dream and has lighted a spark which is eventually going to turn into fire.

When Rhett was at Tinder, he launched the tech conglomerate’s first Black History Month series, which collaborated with social impact organizations in the surrounding Los Angeles. As Rhett was a recruiter, he had to deal with unjust recruitment technologies like ATS (applicant tracking systems), this led to unconscious bias in the hiring process.

The team that worked together at Siimee consists of a group of extremely efficient people and Rhett Lindsey himself, who believe in a rather holistic approach towards recruiting system that is inclusive in nature. His most established brand values include equity, community, integrity, and compassion. Although these are the general values, some of the unspoken laws go on where everyone works in a cooperative manner to meet similar goals under common aim. The brand voice is about being more progressive, meaningful, influences, and adaptive. By taking up such values, they are able to follow their goals efficiently on a regular basis since it reminds them from time and time again what they are working for and how they’re going to achieve their goals.

To know more follow:

Website- http://www.siimee.com 

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/rhett_lindsey/

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