Find out all about the man behind NYC Luxury- Izzy A:

Izzy and his friend, Gavriel go back a long time, since 8th grade but they were not friends to be clear.  The sparks of friendship lit much later when they found themselves consoling each other in a very challenging situation. The hard times make us who we are right. Years later after school days, Izzy saw him working as a flyer boy “hawk” in the same locality as his. A couple of years later, Izzy and Gavriel faced each other again as they started working literally next door. They had a lot in common and hence it was only natural for them to have become die-hard buddies. From being strangers studying in the same class to being co-founders of a huge empire in the form of Jewellery boutique NYC Luxury, Izzy and Gabriel have come a long way.

The huge success of NYC Luxury prompted Izzy to try something new. Thus, he is currently working on designs pertaining to hip hop culture. Previously, he used to primarily make designs inspired by Pop and other contemporary cultures. The hip hop culture Jewellery designs are generally more vibrant and unique. He also plans to craft designs with a timeless and antique look.

NYC Luxury Jewellers has a list of loyal customers which include famous celebrities and athletes like Lil Durk, Offset, Lil Tjay, Rich the Kid, Fredo Bang, Tee Grizzley, Playboi Carti, Murda Beatz, Hitmaka, Nick Cannon, Bella Thorne, Derrick Henry, Bradley Beal, Brandon Ingram, Fernando Tatis, Draymond Green, Zach Lavine. The reason behind them and other names not only buying from NYC Luxury but also coming back every time, have to be NYC Luxury’s customer service. And this is all thanks to Izzy. Being the overall manager of the store, it is Izzy’s duty to look after potential clients and to make sure their orders are being worked on in a timely manner.

We have already talked about their variety of products and the different price ranges they cater to. As for the jewellery designing in itself, the team at NYC Luxury is adamant about getting the client’s vision 100% represented in the final product. Firstly, they provide the sketches of the jewellery pieces to the customer and after they finalize it, the final product is given to the customer within the stipulated time. The reason behind their massive success in the industry is that the clients love the thoroughness of the procedure and can always be assured that they will get exactly what they are paying for.

As of now, Izzy A is considered to be one of the best in the game, with a knack not only for successfully being a jeweller but also an established entrepreneur. To know more, follow Izzy on Instagram: @izzyjeweler and you can also check out NYC Luxury’s website at

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