Meet Gabriel Barajas, the man behind the success of Mexican restaurant ‘Quieres TacosWay’.

He rose to this commanding position as a restaurant owner from selling hotdogs and tortillas.

Gabriel has seen it all and has achieved success after going through difficult times and facing grave challenges. Today, he has got his Mexican food restaurant amongst the top brands in the United States. From one restaurant to four, he has proved that hard work and focus can help you gain a commanding position in your professional life. Let’s take a sneak peek into the life of this successful restaurateur who has done it all on his own. 

Gabriel Barajas hails from San Fernando and his family shifted to Concecion De Buenos Aires in Jalisco, Mexico, when he was young. He joined his fathers business of selling tortillas in the neighbouring areas which instilled the sense of doing business at an early age. All was good until the family decided to move back to San Fernando and they had to start their life afresh. His father soon started a Mexican furniture store which started doing business within a short period of its inception. With plans to expand, he opened up a second store which went kaput and got him into financial troubles. Not losing heart Gabriel started selling hotdogs round the corner and fortunately got hold of a property and established his first restaurant named ‘Quieres TacosWay’. “The restaurant was not doing well initially and I was trying my best to get it on track, working for long hours, seven days a week, trying to figure out where was I going wrong,” informs Gabriel. He had decided that this will be a make or break situation for him and wanted to give it all to succeed. After trying out various methods he decided to come up with a theme song based on the restaurant along with a video with the help of his friend Eddie. Soon the song was on social media and started getting attention. Gradually it garnered views in huge numbers resulting in customers dropping in to check out their menu. The crowds kept growing and today there’s a beeline outside Gabriels restaurant of customers wanting to have a taste of their Mexican cuisine.

TacosWay had made a comeback and how!. Presently, Gabriel runs four restaurants and each of them has been doing exceptionally well. He has established a strong presence with his uniqueness and is bound to achieve more milestones in the near future, for sure. 

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