Determined to take the entertainment space by storm, meet upcoming DJ Karyna Romanova.

She is a mesmerizing beauty who has bowled over people with her talents in modelling and acting as well.

A quick look around us will let us know how things have been fast-moving up and changing for the better. This is definitely a great sight to behold, looking at how different industries and sectors are now flourishing with great talents and skilled individuals, especially youngsters, who leave no stone unturned in their quest to achieve excellence in whatever they choose to do in their careers. We came across one such high-performing artist, professional, and DJ named Karyna Romanova, who exudes every possible talent to take on the world of entertainment and create her unique niche in the same.

Ask her what attracted her to the creative field and the mesmerizing beauty says, “Well, I found a creative soul in me at a very early age, and I guess everything started from there. Every step that I took to turn my dreams into reality has helped me shape my career, the way it is today, where I have been able to spread my wings in the entertainment and the performing arts niche, trying to give my best as a model, actor and now a DJ”.

During the lockdown last year, Karyna Romanova decided to explore other things and that’s how she got into DJing, producing music, learning many things along her way and also building great relations from the industry. This gave her the opportunity to hone her skills and strengthen her desire to become a well-known name in the DJing and music space. Karyna Romanova has now specialized in DJing styles like techno house, afro house and melodic.

In her modelling career, she works with one of the largest modelling agencies in the USA named MMG and as an actor, she works with MTM Agency in Miami. Right now, she is all excited for her first track ever, the release date of which she will soon announce. From starting DJing to now making music and creating her first track, Karyna Romanova has already impressed many industry greats and audiences.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @miss_ramanova.

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