Australia’s pride Bryce Monkivitch is the true definition of being an entrepreneur:

Bryce Monkivitch is a passionate E-commerce entrepreneur from Queensland in Australia, who has become an expert and mastered the art of selling things online in a very short time period. He has built top-rated fashion brands for women in a very time span. Bryce Monkivitch is a young entrepreneur from Queensland and now with his sister Joy, as his partner are touching new heights in the online business of ladies’ fashion garments. 

Bryce Monkivitch was sent to China by his family to work in his uncle’s factory. But it didn’t turn out quite good, as it was planned. He was quite upset and thought he was not mature enough for the job. His uncle also advised him to get more education, which hurt his ego and Bryce was really very disappointed. But he took all this as advice and returned to Australia and decided to continue his studies and be practical. He enrolled himself in an accounting class at TAFE Queensland. But the temptation to start his own business forced him to quit his studies and start his online business. 

Initially, he sold dog hats online through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. He had found a supplier on the online marketplace Alibaba, who was ready to supply him stocks. He used his social media platform and posted few pictures on Facebook and Instagram which boosted his sales. Soon his business was rolling fast and he decided to shift over to selling the latest trending teen clothing for teens and young women creating his own online store on Shopify. This was in March 2018. He was able to save up $5000 from his freelance concrete work. He sold sportswear, swimwear, casual wear and accessories. 

Bryce Monkivitch launched an App that helps him hire marketing staff from different countries. Today with the help of this App he has 4000 users out of which 560 are actively working to grow his business. Bryce being a journey enthusiastic loves going out to get more exposure to his business. He also keeps very good relation with his staff and suppliers to accelerate his business growth. He has great contact with his suppliers in China and with his team members in the Philippines. He has also been travelling to the US for a better network for his business and also met other online entrepreneurs, to enrich his knowledge in the E-commerce business. 

Bryce Monkivitch an Australian entrepreneur, who owns one of the hundred fastest-growing companies in Australia. He now owns 4 female fashion Brands, the main one being Sincere Sally, which has more than 698 k followers on Instagram and which brings in 1 million USD annually. This competes with other famous Brands as Nasty Gal, Fashion Nova and Princess Polly. When Bryce needed support and help in his business, he took in his sister Joy as his partner, to Sincere Sally in 2020. Bryce is also the CEO of Monkivitch Enterprises Agency Owner of Humble Bee Agency and International Marketing Manager of GB internationals Pvt Ltd.  

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