A Social Media Agency That Can Deliver Exactly What You Want! Makissv Brings You: Advanced Media

Long gone are those days when rising small businesses, companies and choosy celebrities had to look deep into social media agencies for their particular needs. We bring you a specialised social media agency that will personalise your demands and make sure your network keeps growing with the help of their very own Instagram network Connections. Makissv has worked very hard to become one of the youngest founders just at the age of 16. This young man from Greece is surely making a lot of fame along with goodwill by just doing what he is good at.  

Very young in life, Makissv, originally known as Efthymios Savvidis, found his true calling. And it is popularly said that if you are good at something, never do it for free. Slowly venturing into the field of social media marketing, he established his company, Advanced Media. 

Advanced Media serves its clients with the best ever Services. Here is an all in one social media agency that can work along with you, closely following your particular ideas and personalising strategies just for you, this is what they are best at and have continued to do so for a long time now. Makissv has worked with so many Celebrities, Instagram models and stars that he can easily recognise the true potential of every brand that would really make it big provided the proper kind of support. He makes use of his very own social media platform, his wide Instagram network and reach, to advertise and promote his clients that would not only expand their reach but also bring about future opportunities in the coming days.

Let’s have a look at the entrepreneurship qualities that Makissv portrays in the services he provides 


Advertising is a very important service that every social media agency should prioritise and put first in their list, attractive content is to be maintained throughout. Keep in mind that this is meant for the interested audience to see, what is going to bring them forward to look this brand up or cheque out the particular celebrity, client. Advertising in the right kind of way will obviously expand their reach beyond expectations.


Proper campaign strategies must be built, which is not too monotonous or repetitive in nature. Bring about a spicy change in the way you campaign about brands. According to Makissv, Advanced Media has the best campaign plans which are all unique and considerate to specific clients. 

Make sure you follow Makissv on Instagram. Who knows, you might find treasures with his 3million count too! 

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