Meet Northside2x, the young maestro doing exceedingly well in the American hip hop scene.

He says that the industry is filled with immense talent and his passion is to bring that to the forefront.

Only the rare gems in the world are really concerned about giving opportunities to others so that they can flourish and make a great career for themselves. These individuals emerge as a ray of good hope as they go ahead in not only building a career for themselves, but also for all those they think deserve tremendous success. Having this compassion and kindness goes a long way, says Ralph Leon Mabone, aka Northside2x, a talented young lad in the American music industry who always believed in making a difference in the lives of the artists and that’s what he is doing excellently.

The world seems too beautiful when we hear stories of youngsters who try to go above and beyond to make that impact on people positively, and Northside2x is also amongst these young guys who believe that music is something that really binds people together and thus more artists and producers must get the opportunity to exhibit their talent, to further connect and bind people together. Giving them this golden opportunity, Northside2x came up with his #1 New Indie Platform named ‘Indie Fire Global’. 

This news and media website has been gaining great respect and recognition because Northside2x puts every possible effort to promote artists and producers while taking care of their needs and requirements, providing them with robust PR and management services. This has further helped Northside2x achieve enormous success, making him come across as a person who truly cares and thinks of these artists success.

The 26-year-old Memphis, TN, the US record producer, songwriter and now an entrepreneur began his career at the tender age of 13 and since then has believed in his visions to do better in hip hop music in the American music industry, which has also allowed him to work with the top names in the industry so far.

Looking at the pace at which Northside2x is already flourishing, we know for sure that soon he would reach the top of the music game in the US. To know more, please do follow him on Instagram @iamnorthside2x and his platform @indiefireglobal. 

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