Topping the sneaker business and taking his passion for the same at the next level is Chris Robinson.

His childhood passion for sneakers developed into a successful career, read on to know about Chris’ journey.

This young man of Irish and African American background has emerged as the most successful entrepreneur who has taken the sneaker business to the next level. Not many know that Chris was always in awe of branded sneakers ever since he was a child. Coming from a not so well to do family, he didn’t have access to those good clothes and footwear which other kids his age used to wear. His love for these kept on increasing by the day and he had made up his mind to get hold of all those beautiful pairs once he has access to his own finances. “by the time I reached fourteen, I got hold of my working papers and started my first job. The day I got my first paycheck, I got hold of my favourite pair of Nike, which kickstarted my passion for collection of unique sneaker brands and designs which are of limited edition,” says Chris.

Today, Chris has emerged as the most popular sneakerhead/influencers who has established his own store which is doing exceptionally well. To spruce up his sneaker business he has teamed up with the number one Reebok collector in the world named deeboks and a former store owner to remodel his sneaker store from the base. Having found success in his entrepreneurial journey, Chris has now further tried to fulfill his dream of helping the community and has donated to various charities through his business. He has purchased three pairs of Nike Air Mags and donated over $15,000 to Michael J. Fox Parkinsons Foundation, as well as $11,000 to Doerbecher Childrens Hospital after purchasing one pair of the What the Doernbecher Nike Dunk in an eBay charity auction. He also runs various in-store programs which are aimed at helping the local community members. “it’s my dream to design with Nike SB, and that dream is on the verge of getting fulfilled soon,” says Chris.

To know more about Chris and his amazing collection follow his official Instagram page:

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